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With the rise of ecommerce, in 2021, the number of digital buyers is at 2.14 billion. That makes 27.6 percent of the 7.74 billion people in the world. Better deals, ease of shopping with a few clicks and growing adoption of ecommerce, this growth will be exponential in 2022 onwards.

Qdukan.com Affiliate Program is designed not just to help bloggers, youtubers, content creators – Instagram and Tiktok monetize their content, but we also allow regular internet users – people who spend time on social media to make extra cash. All you need is PayPal account, sign up with our affiliate program and earn up to 10% on every sale you make. A perfect side-hustle, while browsing internet!

Here is what we offer:



Signup and join select group of content creators, social media influencers and internet users generating passive income.


Share niche products with your audience. We offer selected creatives every month with custom links ready to be shared.


Earn 10% flat commission per sale for  qualifying purchases. Get monthly payouts made directly to your registered PayPal account.


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